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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

I find it strange that on a 66cc engine, your top speed is only 40MPH!
The numbers just don't add up...

while on a 4 stroke scooter with 50cc you can get at least 40MPH.
The 2 stroke scoots (with variator) sometimes reach 60MPH.
Makes me question if the 66cc is really a 66cc, or a 33cc 2 stroke (2x stroke from a 4 stroke, thus compared to a 66cc 4 stroke)?

This makes me believe most people haven't optimized their bikes yet.
If the 2 stroke 49cc can get to 45MPH, with 29-32in wheels, and a 32T sprocket, I'd probably go with that one!

Again, being able to go 45 doesn't mean I'll go 45. It just means I'll be riding 28-32MPH more comfortably (on lower RPM's).

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