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Default Re: The easier I go, the more I enjoy!

Ever since resurrecting my gas bike with a Morini, I find that I want to be able to cruise to avoid uneccessary tension between me and the community, and this motor is like an on-off switch since I'm still tuning the clutch. In reality for me, the noise of going fast, or sounding like I'm going fast at 15mph is more stressful than the actual fact of going fast. On certain bikes the mass or damping takes the scariness out of the speed, but I see why people choose four stroke for the mellower sound. I always feel like his gas bike will anger someone enough in my town to complain, so I don't ride it at weird times of day or at night.

Being able to get up to cruising speed quickly enough without sounding like a GP start would be a plus, but I guess its unavoidable without some lower gearing and a sacrifice of top end. You can't have it all with one gear, lol
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