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I got a courtesy replacement although I was supposed to only have 1 year not 3 years and it is about 1 and a 1/2 years old regulator. Both of them have that kind of filter and there is nothing from the outside I can see. Probably it just went bad. The one I first got was made in USA and that was only made a small lot for Hobart. The one I got now as a replacement from Hobart is made in China as my original model regulator there are none left in stock.

I guess all will be fine, but I have not had a chance to yet hook up the one I got courtesy.

Just a thought. The way these regulators are built and how it may go bad or wear out, it may work with low pressure in the tank, like under 1000 psi, but from full fill at 2250 psi it acts up.

I mean why when I had the cylinder swapped when I was running below 500 psi, was it that it happens with a good clean full filled cylinder? Maybe just happened that way, but if I ask my friend to see if I could use his tank when it is below 1000 psi and hook up the old regulator and it works, well that could be it.

I use the welder so infrequently it could be another 1 and a 1/2 years before I get it swapped out again.

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