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Default first timer in minnesota, hitting a brick wall

Hello all!!!
im dolf from from minnesota, i just got my first motorized bicycle and im attempting to build it, now i got the micargi stealth bicycle off of with the 4 stroke engine(i plan on doing alot of adventuring and hopefully after its all put together, working well and i am comfortable with the bike and riding it, making a trip around minnesota or something like that) im verry exited to get this all completed and soon im am eager-beaver to get-a-riding! Now let me tell you my situation, i got the bicycle it self all put together no problems with that, now i started to put the sproket on the back wheel and first off the center hole does not fit on the hub of the back wheel ive got like a 1/16 of an inch if that that needs to be field off the sproket not too sure if that matters, but also the bolts that connect the sproket to the back wheel line up crooked and it looks like the hub itself is too big for the sproket and the bolt heads knock up on the coaster brake arm. so my question is this, can this be fixed by simply fieling or cutting the center sprocket hole? of maybe a new wheel is the answer? i was also thinking of switching out the back wheel in general and putting on a different brake because im not sure i like the coaster brake, makes me feal like i have traning wheels again....sooo please heeeeelllppppp!!!!! <--thats me
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