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Smile First Motorized Build

I have had my motorized bicycle for about 5-6 weeks now. I am 49 years old and cannot wait to get up in the morning to ride it. I have ridden and raced road bikes and motor bikes, sailboats large and small, rode as navigator in a rally car, and raced SCCA slalom... I have never had as much fun doing all that as I have had on this motored bike! I grin ear to ear all day.
It is a powerkingshop kit. I used the kit as is... I was semi-retired 6 weeks ago and was on a limited budget. It has performed fine with the stock nuts and bolts with a little red and blue locktite and constant vigilance. Added a fuel filter, Wal-mart foglights run of and SLA 12 volt battery held in a Bell Leather handlebar bag... also from Walmart. And a flashy blinky LED taillight, not sure where i picked it up from.
The frame is a 20 yr old Giant Sedona frame that i added V brakes from a bike I found at the roadside (to be hauled away). After the initial assembly, I added a couple of turns of innertube between the frame and motor mounts. That reduced the vibration considerably. As the motor broke in, it also smoothed out and got faster and idled better. The seatpost has corroded in the seat tube and tomorrow I intend to hacksaw it off and try to remove the stuck post from the seat tube. It would be nice to come to a stop light and just put my feet down. A dual pull brake lever from ebay actutes both sets of brakes. I removed the derailleurs and am running it as a single speed.
I rode a little today, after too much turkey. The temp is 69 degrees in sunny Panama City, Florida. What glorious weather! If you are in the area... PM me. I hope to get a poker run (maybe a "go fish" run ) and hit dive bars or martini and wine bars.
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