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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

I always say I wanna buy, but then some things show up, and I notice, I have to spend more in research.
Initially I was fine with buying a $89 bike from walmart, and add a $150 kit on it, but seemingly there's a lot more that goes on, and by careful research I can filter out some disappointments I may have in the future for being so cheap!

So the bicycle I'd love to have, must have shocks like a mountain bike, must have a front disc brake, must have a comfy saddle like a beach cruiser, and must host the 66cc engine kit with ease; and on top of that, it must be cheap enough for me (and my wife) to still consider it an affordable hobby.
For instance, my 50cc scoot costed me $800, delivered to the door. It does 50MPH on a good day.
I have no complaints on it, it works perfectly fine.

I'd like not to spend too much, so preferably stay under $400 ($150 for the kit, 250 for the bike or something).
I don't care if it lasts long or not, just as long as I can have a few months of riding pleasure out of it, and learn, perhaps in the future I can upgrade to better material.
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