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Question Gas tank and exhaust questions?

1- Gas Tank:
Despite the nice fuel mileage you can get out of a bike like this, I still think that the 1/2 gal tank is a little too small for my taste.
Are there other alternatives out there? (larger tank, or perhaps did you make a system to increase your mileage)?

The problem is, when you're going out, and run out of gas, you don't really want to buy fuel, if you already have at home.
So do these tanks have a reserve, and are there larger tanks available?

I find the stock exhaust to be quite noisy at high revs.
The stock exhaust is much smaller than on a scooter. The pipe is smaller, and the muffler is smaller too.
Are there larger exhaust systems, that provide more of a free-flow; while at the same time are more silent too?
It is my belief, that the exhaust pipe should not come out under the pedals, but should extend to the end of the bike. A longer pipe means possibly better fuel economy, and less noise with a better muffler.
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