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Default Re: I See Springers...(AN UPDATE)

I just ran out of steam in the shop but have almost completed the easiest spring fork you can imagine. The spacing on the leading links couldn't have been better. I welded plates on the outside of the hollow fork legs with 3 holes to anchor the links to give me some tuning adjustment. The fork I selected is one of those with 3 plates at the top with a chrome cover to keep rain out of the legs. It was on a balloon tired bike apparently, although it has a horizontal bolt hole for a caliper. I gas welded the plates on and got to use my newly built Scotch Brite 2" belt buffer to round off and smooth the weld beads Went to the wire wheel and stripped everything and primed and painted it. Tomorrow it will be dry so I can assemble it and try it out. I think, since the hole is there in the fork neck for a caliper I can't use on a rim that goes up and down, I will slide a plate in there with a 1/4" bolt welded to it to go forward 2" to mount the fender on so it is centered on the wheel. I can wing it with some tubular struts of 1/4" stainless to get back to the fork. This has been a fun project to keep me alert. God knows the country needs more lerts
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