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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Prodigit, Im new at this also and like you I am hoping for around 40 mph top speed and cruise around 30 mph. So far with just 2 hop ups, carb and SBP pipe I am at just up to 35.8 mph top speed after playing with the jetting.

I have just got a Puch high compression head and Jaguar cdi that I havent put on yet, the head should give me more torque and the ignition has an advance curve that should help top end so with those 2 mods I am thinking I will be around 38-40 mph top speed but we will see.

You got to remember that you cant hold the top speed for long and have the engine hang together for too long.

Also you may want to consider the SBP shift kit, it helps get up to speed and going up hills though you say its pretty flat where you are.

Also if you are gonna go that fast on a bicycle on city steets you neeeeed very good brakes! If you go with rim brakes you need v-brakes imo. But I would say really drum or disc brakes are the way to go. I have disc front and rear and in traffic they can be a life saver or at least a bike saver!
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