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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!


I have a 50cc scooter, and regularly go over 45MPH. (motorcycle too, and what is scary is going over 100MPH).

I do agree, that anything over 35-40MPH just feels less comfortable, as in "should there ever be a frontal accident, it will be catastrophic"-kinda like.
However once you get used to the faster speed, it's less scary.

I mainly want it to go 40+MPH, so that I my avg cruising speed does not have to be at WOT, as most of my cruising will be done between 30 and 35MPH.

I think of just keeping the 66cc engine stock, perhaps put a performance exhaust, if I find any, and look if there's something I can do to the intake or not.
For MPG reasons, once the break in is over, I will run the bike lean; and compensate by putting Premium gasoline from BP (which is higher performing than any other brand out there), and get a high ratio oil mixture (like between 60 and 100:1). I think that will increase my speed the most.

But other than that, just finding the right sprocket, which is not too slow in acceleration, yet gives great top speed.

I'm a little worried if I get a bicycle which the sprocket does not fit on...

I'm also worried that if I do buy a single speed bike, that I'd either have power to accelerate with pedals, but at cruising speed won't be able to aid the engine (due to the high speed); or have power to aid the engine at high speeds, but not have the power to accelerate quick enough from a red light with the pedals.

For that I've been reading up on 3-speed beach cruisers, however I heard the transmissions get pretty hot running at such high speeds.
It would be nice if someone could confirm this, or if it's just a rumor.

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