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Default Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Hi all!
I've been browsing this forum for a while now, and using the search engine got a little disillusioned that lots of older search results pop up (2008, 2009 threads), but nothing more relevant (is like finding a needle in a hay stack).

I'm looking to purchase a bike and an engine kit in the direct future (like preferably yesterday), but I want to do a little more research, before possibly ending up disillusioned, or paying a lot more because certain parts don't fit.

Let me introduce myself:
I'm 6'3" tall, and 170LBS.
I live in South Florida, Miami, where the weather is hot, and there are almost no hills.
I would love to get a bike that would go ~40MPH(faster is a bonus), and has great gas mileage nearing 150MPG (if that be possible); all while keeping a budget. It will mainly be for a fun ride, to discover the neighborhood.

For the bike:
I found Walmart sells bikes below $200 USD, which is good enough for me. I want to make this a cheap but good project.

I was contemplating between buying a $200 32in wheeled cruiser bike from Walmart, because they sit me comfortable; or one with no less than 29in wheels, depending on how it fits the engine.

The 2 bikes I had in mind:

About the engine:
I most definitely would prefer the 66/80cc version over the stock 49cc version, as I need the extra torque to reach higher speeds.
I'm not so concerned about acceleration too much (it is important, but less important to me, as I would accelerate with pedals from a dead stop.
First pedals, then engine and pedals, until a cruising speed has been reached of at least 20MPH, and then go from 20MPH up in speed only using the engine.
I live in the suburbs, with a lot of 35-40MPH roads, with little stop lights
Of course, I wouldn't want the engine to take forever to get there neither!

From my knowledge with scooters and mopeds:
Though 2 different beasts, I know that a 3.3 BHP gets speeds of upto 50MPH, and a 2.7-3BHP gets speeds of upto 40MPH; while a 2BHP usually gets speeds of upto 30MPH, and a 1BHP gets speeds of upto 25MPH.
This engine has 2.7BHP, so speeds of upto ~40MPH would be really nice.

I presume gearing it to go 50MPH will not be possible (over geared).

Since I want to get a bike with 29-32in wheels, I assume my top speed with the stock 44T sprocket will be higher, according to the FMLA (formula):
Speed High = Speed Low x Large tire dia / small tire Dia, or:
32MPH * 32in / 26in = 40MPH;
So, if a 26in wheeled bike goes 32 MPH, a 32in wheeled bike should go 40MPH (neglecting the added wind and friction resistance)
It would be the same as if I had equipped the 26 in wheeled bike with a ~36T rear sprocket.

So my questions to you guys would be:
1- How does a 26" bike ride with a 36T sprocket (on a flat ground with someone on it that's less than 170LBS) (does it take long to accel? ; what's the top speed and top RPM? )?
2- Are there any differences in the engine kits out there, save for 49 vs 66, or black vs silver? (I probably will be buying from eee-bay)
3- Are the Ebaay kits any good?
4- Should I buy a black engine, because I fear that those cheap chinese exhausts will rust like crazy!?
5- How can I know which bike fits the 9 screw sprocket (when buying online)?
and lastly:
Do you have a recommended bike and engine kit for me, aside from the ones found on evil bay, and Wall mart?

Thanks guys!
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