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Default Re: 2-stroke 'over heating' myth...

the main point norm is making is that there's no need to stop and rest your motor after 20 minutes during break-in, or whatever the manual says, so it can cool down.

this question comes up a lot from new members worried about destroying their new engine on the way to the store or something.

the generic term "overheating" doesn't cover piston meltdowns due to lean conditions, air leaks, blown headgaskets, etc.

all these things can and will happen to the HT motors, but they're caused by other problems, not just long running times.

every motor i've destroyed had a root problem, such as too high compression, weak pistons, rings, bearings, ring clips and pins, etc.

an air leak, poorly tuned expansion chamber, warped head, lean fuel, etc, can overheat an engine and burn up a piston or fry a bearing, but a tuned engine can run all day as long as no other harmful conditions are in play.
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