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Default Gotta get a new carb

Hey guys. I haven't been riding the motorized bicycle that much, since I've went through about 3 scooters, 3 motorcycles and 4 cars since last July.

OK, so I still ride the bike once a week, just to keep it running and lubed up. Since I moved to the new bike "same motor", it hasn't run that well. I have a 66cc china girl engine, added the jack-shaft and removed from a Huffy Panama Jack to a 7 speed mountain bike with full front suspension.

But, when I ride, and the motor warms up, it feels like an air leak is going on. The engine rises in RPM pretty bad. To the point I have to let the clutch out to decrease RPMs to a believable level. I tried to trouble shoot it. I looked at the most obvious place, the carb connection with the engine. I got a set of Harbor Freight gaskets, and found the right one. I RTV'ed the intake, and it's still a little off.

I think it might be a carburetor issue. So, one way or another, I'm going to get myself a new carb.

I've been reading posts here, and the best one (I can see) is the That's Dax RT carb. Not saying it's the best, just best bang for the buck, including maintenance and all other stuff included.

What do you guys think? I'll try to keep troubleshooting, but in the time being, what carb should I get? Do you guys recommend the Dax RT? Or should I go Speed Carb?

Thanks guys!!
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