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Default Re: 2-stroke 'over heating' myth...

My Morini fell on its face with the stock Goped in tank filter and my aftermarket petcock. Full throttle cut out after maintained speed I could predict it like clock work up to a block or so at wide open throttle. Any other time just cruising around it ran flawless even at wide open throttle just up to about a half city block then it would die just like letting completely off the throttle and about a second later picked back up only to do it again...

So reworked all of it with out the in tank filter first . Took longer to do it after the petcock replacement and a sweat larger inline filter ''instead of the dime sized stock one'' Bingo flawless in every way.

My first kit bike ''Chinese H.T.'' had a issue with the stock peanut in tank filter clogged up. When I attempted to clean it up the screen fell apart. Same story.

In these cases a free flow test just as 2door mentioned showed it to be evident as well.
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