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Default Re: 2-stroke 'over heating' myth...

I'll be here.
But I ask that you do the test. Time how long it takes to drain the tank with the old petcock and compare it with how long you can ride on a full tank of fuel. Even at WOT. Just for grins, compare the two petcocks for drain time. That would be interesting too.

I have far too much respect for Baird so I certainly am not disputing his experience but I suspect there are other factors involved here. Possibly a petcock that does not flow a full stream, fuel foaming due to vibration, an extremely low float level, any of those can contribute to a fuel starvation condition. But not an engine that eats fuel more quickly than fuel can free flow from a tank; if in fact it is free flowing.

Just don't rush your recovery, Baird. We want you all better

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