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Default Re: Hello from Florida

Originally Posted by picklefish View Post
so is the fix to remove the sprocket from the drive shaft flip it around and reinstall it?
You have to access the situation, from your pictures we can't see squat. Is the chain running parallel from the front sprocket to back, or does it pull inward or outward as it goes from front to back? If it is doing either of those and flipping the rear sprocket so it is dished the other way will minimize it, then yes, if not, then no. And again, the centering of the sprocket you have to eyeball yourself, spin the wheel, does the sprocket go up and down? Or is it centered perfect? If it bumps up and down, or in and out, then you need to work on it until it is as dead center and even as possible. If you're chain is jumping off you've got something going on that needs correction....
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