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Default Re: Paint Disaster, Any Clues?

I'll take your word for it. Gonna put my cans in the shade when it hits 100 degrees here this summer.

I too have seen an aerosol can blow up. I worked in a restaurant and one of the chefs had a can of Pam slip from his fingers and fly behind the stove where the gas burners are full on all day (very hot back there). The can was probably warm to begin with and in just the short time it took him to reach behind the stove to get it, the can blew up. Really messed up his fingers.

Lets not scare everyone away though. For a cold can of paint to warm to 90 degrees under running hot water it would take quite a while. But your advise is well heeded.

And you showed restraint in your warning. Unlike my rant and rave I did to poor CSTMBLDER about his glass gas tank!
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