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Default Re: Paint Disaster, Any Clues?

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
I HATE filler primer. Refuse to use it anymore. I don't care how long I let it dry it always starts cracking after a couple coats. I like spot putty (the pro stuff that uses a catalyst hardener). One coat primer, sand, see where the imperfections are then spot putty, sand, "rinse and repeat" till I'm happy with it then color coat.

A nice trick with rattle can paint in colder weather is to let the can sit in a pot or plastic container (the closer to the top of the can the better) with some hot water from the faucet running on it till the paint heats up.

Or paint something small enough to fit in the oven and bake it at 100-150 degrees till it's dry. (make sure the ol' lady is out shopping or something while you do it).

Running hot water on the can is also a good trick for keeping the orange peel effect to a minimum with color coats too, even in warm weather.
I agree with warming the can but caution needs to be applied. I worked in the aerosol industry for fifteen years. The charged cans were run through a 125 degree hot water bath prior to packaging. I saw many many cans explode either in the water bath or after they had been packaged. The can seams and the crimp where the valve is attached to the tops of the cans were the most common areas to fail.
I have a very good friend who lost an eye when a can exploded and hit him in the face after it came out of the hot water.

Never, never exceed 90 degrees if you warm the can under hot water. Please!

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