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Originally Posted by WightBoy View Post
That looks really good on there. Dont lay your bike down or hit any potholes though.
Ever wonder why gas stations don't want you putting gasoline in glass containers? BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL!!!

Have you ever watched Ridiculousness or Worlds Dumbest? The things people do without thinking ahead about possible consequences never ceases to amaze me!

Guess it's just B'Jezus' way of "Culling the Herd"...

It is a cool tank idea though. You should make a fiberglass mould of it, spray a release agent inside the 2 halves of the mould and lay up some fiberglass. Duplicating it in fiberglass is a lot cheaper than having a hospital or mortician pull glass out of you or have a Police Officer confiscate your bike and then write you a ticket for an illegal gasoline container.

And what have you done about venting the gas cap? If there's no vent, as the gas leaves the tank it will eventually create enough vacuum that the gas will no longer flow to your carburetor.
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