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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

I wonder if the NMF tires hold on to the rims as well as the NMF tubes with regular tires??? Also, how well is the turning grip on pavement with the NMF tires?

I used the NMF tubes with Kevlar air tires with a 6.5HP tricycle for a friend (20" wheels, plastic rims)
He wore the tires so bald, and they still ride fine!!!

I also use them on my motored 26" bike, and they work well. They ride better and bounce less than air tires. They are heavier and have more resistance than air tires. That's fine for a motoredbike. I do agree that they make it harder without an engine though. After getting multiple flats on air tires, I swear by the no-more-flats for the bike. I can ride so much further worry-free now! I've taken them over 45mph with no issues.

I also have a set of 10" 4.10x3.50 Marathon Flat-Free tires on the 6.5HP bike trailer as well. They are solid foam and wear slow, and bounce less. They also grip less than a rubber tread, but for a trailer, that actually makes it easier to ride and make sharp turns and tears up the tires less.

I was considering switching from my NMF tubes and regular tires to a solid foam NMF tire, but ONLY if it grips well like rubber because I go fast on turns and need the front to hold on. Being that my foam tires on my trailer grip less than rubber tires, I'm considering staying with my rubber tires with NMF tubes for my bike.


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