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Good Ol' Muriatic Acid (same stuff you put in swimming pools and can get at any hardware store) is pretty aggressive w/ aluminum, will take away a lot more aluminum than it will the iron. Need to dilute it maybe 25% acid, 75% water (always pour the acid in the water, not the other way around).

Will have to pull your pedal crank and bearings and block the tube off from the bottom. Leave it in for about an hour and give it a try. I left some iron in some acid mix on a Friday and on Monday the iron was gone so don't forget about it.

Muriatic acid also does a decent job etching metal before painting too. Gives the metal a bit more "stickability" for the paint than just sand paper. After I sand off the old paint I'll use a brush to paint on some acid and just leave it till it dries then paint over it.
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