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Originally Posted by xPosTech View Post
Hey Znsane you know if you pull the rope start housing there is an end of the crankshaft there. On the Greyhound. I haven't yanked mine off yet but we did it often to mount hydraulic pumps, etc. on garden tractors (my other hobby).

Sometimes we mounted straight to the top of the flywheel.

Mine is still boxed up. Is there a notch in the housing for an electric starter? Would probably only need to shrink a ring gear on it if there is. I'm sure there's a notch on the 6.5 HP.

Electric start would be kinda kewl. On a 1900 type bike. Or even on a pusher.

I wasn't sure if you could add an E-start to the 6.5. I did replace the rope in the pull-starter before, and didn't notice a spot for it. I wonder if it will take one or if it needs a mod. I believe you also need a new flywheel with a big ring gear for an electric start.

I'd be interested in electric start for both the 2.5 and 6.5.
However, I'm more interested in making a working charging system for the engines. I know on an E-start engine, it has an extra coil next to the magneto for charging the 12V starting battery. I'd like to see if that could be added to these engines, and I would not mind winding a coil if I had to, I just would want to know I could mount it.
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