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Default Re: Hello from Florida

I'm assuming you have the CNS carb if you have a skyhawk...
First off, the fuel tanks when new usually have a lot of crap in them, if you didn't clean it out before you mounted it you probably have things clogged up by now. Check the filter in the top of the fuel valve to see if it is clean, and clean that tank out so it doesn't clog again. I use an inline fuel filter instead of the filter in the fuel valve.
The CNS carb has 3 jets, a main jet, an idle jet and the enrichment jet (which is in place of an air choke), the enrichment jet adds more fuel to the mix rather than choking off air to richen the mix for cold starts. The idle jet is very small and clogs easily, when clogged you will have hard start and rough running at low rpm. So make sure all 3 jets are clean....
The enrichment jet will help the motor start in the cold, but I've noticed the motors typically don't idle well with the enrichment jet open, so make sure the enrichment jet is closing (back off the lever until there is slack in the cable to make sure it is closed).
I am wondering what fuel mix you are using? The manuals typically say 16:1 for break in, thats a lot of oil, I use 20:1 for the first couple tanks, other recommend 24:1 or even less oil. The motor may struggle a bit to run with a 16:1 mix due to the heavy amount of oil. (however, the extra oil is used in break in to make sure the new parts get properly lubricated before you stress them riding hard).
That is a rundown of some basic stuff, give us more feedback and we will try to help you further.... After it starts can you race the throttle and keep her running, or does it die even when you are rev'ing up the motor???
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