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Cool Hello from Florida

My name is Robert and I am new to motorbicycling. I'm not very mechanically inclined and troubleshooting is foreign to me. I cooked for a living so following recipes is not an issue. I have the Grubee skyhawk 66cc kit and with help from my Dad we got it assembled and on the bike. Now I can get it to turn over but it wont stay running. There are no real trouble shooting tips included so I came across this forum to learn what to do.

So I have an inclined driveway, I pedal down it to build up speed and pop the clutch and voila it starts to run. Then it dies. I assume its running on what was in the bowl and after reading this forum, I assume its not getting enough gas. Did this happen to anyone else like this, I really hoped it would work perfectly out of the box. lol thats how green I am. any help or thoughts are appreciated.
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