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Default Re: I See Springers...

HEY, I think I'm on a rollI finally found my tiddler shock arms. I suspect they are early Honda or Yamaha 50 units out of a tin fork housing.
The spring/shock units are 8-1/2" eye-to-eye, 1" dia., and the links are 2-3/4" from anchor point to spring connection and then 2" more to front axle hole. If I turn just about any fork backward and attach the link, it protrudes enough in front of the fork to just about maintain the rake angle perfectly. Since it has a rather thick hole for the axle (1/2") I selected a heavy front axle that had Huffey front axle pegs on it. That makes it long enough to get nuts fully on.
The fork slot can be drilled to receive the pivot point bolts, that are close to 3/8" in metric, and that means they won't escape the fork slot. Additionally, I can add the washers with dogs to secure to the holes for them above. The top spring eye will bolt to a blade bracket welded to the front of the fork. It can be as long as I want it to be for security. A failure wouldn't be catastrophic, It would just cause tire drag on one fork leg. I can pitch the arms down enough that the tire won't ever touch the fender. I may have to make some tubular stainless fender braces to be able to mount on the fork,which is
4-3/4" behind the axle. Keith (trackfodder) Williams By the way, your idea looks great-go for it....

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