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Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
Was just talking to my bro about this and I asked him what he did.
He cut the top off the seat tube for enough to grip on about 5cm or a couple inch's, then he used a hacksaw and a sawz all to cut into the metal along the inside length of the pipe, then that would allow the circumference to shrink a bit while twisting with your pipe wrench or vice grips.

(His was aluminum)

And use some liquid wrench or penetrating oil as well if you can.
There is another thread that is the same topic and the way TM mentions is the way it was solved.

I think if you can slice the tube as said and keep short of the frame, prying inward the remains to shrink away from the inside of the frame where the seat post is stuck, that is what I think was done.

Anyone know that other post?

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