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Default Re: The easier I go, the more I enjoy!

Originally Posted by Mannhouse51 View Post
I totally agree. I'm usually just enjoying the cruise. When I look at the speedo..I'm anywhere from 24 to 28mph. My bike just loves those speeds , and I rarely have to work on it...which leaves more time to ride.
The acclimation phenomenon is interesting to note, the faster you can go often leads to going that much faster as a matter of course, then you get used to it and need to be able to go faster still to feel as if you're going fast at all...

When I made the transition from gasbike to a basic ebike, I thought I would despair at the significant loss of speed, the ebike being 25-30% slower than my average gasbike... and at first I did - with time my perspective shifted and now once again "24 to 28mph" seems like blazed lighting, I just rip the turns harder if I feel a need for a "rush" lol
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