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Default Re: 1 Of Our Advertisers

When I wanted to build a custom 5 speed freewheel, I bought a freewheel off Amazon. What they sent me wasn't what was in the picture. When I contacted the company they first tried to treat me like I was stupid and didn't know what I was talking about. They did agree to refund my money. I then contacted another company who even has a website on how to repair bicycles. They to had the same attitude. I asked if they could send pictures of the backs of the freewheels and they wouldn't even do that.

I finally went to the one person who has always tried to help me. David Staton told me he didn't know about taking different sprockets from one freewheel and using them on other brand cores. However he was willing to send me pictures of the backside of the freewheels. That is how the 5 speed 16-34 Land Rider Jerry's freewheel came about.

This is what inspired me to do Land Rider Jerry Freewheel tread. Since many of these companies seem so unwilling to help, it is up to us to share our knowledge to help our fellow bikers.
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