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Cool The easier I go, the more I enjoy!

So it's now been more than FOUR years- I can't believe it.

My first 66 build- otherwise fast and smooth as silk- and by NO MEANS an unpeddable clunker- has sat in the corner of the back room for 4 or 5 months now virtually untouched-

I'm out on my second build all the time instead- the 50- just a bit lighter, just a bit more peddable, and just a bit more quiet-

Tired today after being ill this week- but the weather broke into sunny and 80 here today after raining alll night- more cool weather this week though-

So I was debating if I should even take the 50 out for coffee today-

I did, and kept it even more low key than usual- and thoroughly enjoyed myself- even went out of my way coming home-

gets me where I want- and still quicker than my road bike in my prime (and if it weren't for hypertension and arthritis- I'd probably be doing the better part of a hundred miles a week just peddlin.)

Feel VERY within the limits of it all, and more relaxed feeling safe. I get into the upper 20's on stretches- but don't worry about making time cutting corners quickly.

mostly stock stuff, except the 700C wheels on the cruiser frame- no fuss, no muss- haven't had to fuss with it beyond a sticking carb float a few months back-

just goes on and on and on....

I LOVE this thing!
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