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Default Re: 1 Of Our Advertisers

Since the topic came up-

I will say something about MANY of them, here-

and you can extrapolate the comment to a whole bunch of internet vendors in general:

The descriptions on internet sites so often SUCK!
There's no information- no specifics- no dimensions, and few pictures-
RARELY a picture of the product installed or in use so you have a scale on it

Instead- it's all too often PURPOSELY vague- so you'll just buy the wrong thing-

This has become an art with a lot of items on ebay- and when and if you query them about something- it's also an art to send some kind of vague reply that still doesn;t answer the question.

This has become part of the declining business morality in general.

in fact I queried a vendor here a week or two back- who I've seen a lot of comments about who doesn't respond- and I got no response to my question about the availability of a product always on the site, but NEVER in stock-

and beyond all that, I'll take the opportunity to say again

Motorized bikes, and cycling in general- is somehow often torpoedoed behind the scenes by the corporate structure and the oil powers that be-
they know cycling will never really go away, and the conglomerate will take our money- but their hearts are not in the same places as most of us.

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