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I'm new to your forums but am picking up a lot. I picked up a dunelt 67 cruiser (which has 3 gears in the hub), I ordered two 2 stroke 66cc grubee skyhawk gt5 one for myself and one for a friend who is a mechanic (so when I run into trouble I have some assistance). I also got an air filter and am about to get a ngk bpr6hix spark plug. So that is my starting point but I have some Q's for you and advice and tips are always nice. First I was going to get a U shaped thick black tube from Lowe's to put my air filter on and face it forwards, is that a good idea or would there be a better way? Or keep it the same? The sprocket is 44 tooth, keep it or get a bigger 50 tooth? I also saw people liking the 40 tooth saying it's good for speed but it seems like it would give it more pep on the low end and slower top speed. Should I reinforce the fenders or just remove them?

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