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Default Re: Kit Longevity Updates...

my first engine, a grubee starfire gt4 lasted well over 10k. i rode as my primary means of travel almost everyday for 3 years, raced it twice, and beat the heck out of it

the only problems were 3 busted chains and one cdi failure.

one of the busted chains cracked the case so i had to replace one side, but that wasn't the motor's fault.

there's almost no chrome left on the cylinder walls, but it still ran great.

i actually still have that motor, but i grinded away on the motor mounts to fit it into my little red racer so i can't put it into another bike without welding some mounting tabs on the frame.

the motor i replaced it with when i rebuilt the cruiser has a couple thousand on it with no major problems.

but, i also have a junkpile of broken motors that i raced with. some of them lasted a few hundred track miles, one lasted 10 street miles, and another new one that i spent a week on to make it go fast made it almost to the liquor store 5 blocks away before the stock crank bearing (the only thing i didn't replace because they didn't have them in stock at my bearing place) disintegrated, destroying the rest of my hard work.
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