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Default Re: Kit Longevity Updates...

Originally Posted by 577-Jersey View Post
...Can we see a 10k mile motorized bicycle possibly,,that would be fantastic,,especially on the same engine!
My Schwinn AluminumComp Mountain Bike with a generic 66cc in-frame kit lasted me well over 10,000 miles as an all season daily driver/commuter - but I'll not deny that longevity had far more to do with random chance then anything in particular that I did or the type/brand of motor & it had it's fair share of issues, mostly gasket related;

Originally Posted by biknut View Post
I think the motor will last longer than the bicycle.
Funny you should say that lol, while the frame is still in great condition - the bike was retired from service shortly after that last pic was taken. While it still ran great, the compression was a bit low & the chrome cylinder liner was beginning to flake a bit (bottom of cyl) - it was really just about everything else other than the frame & motor that was done for, beaten, corroded & just plain tired I realized that the cost of repairing all of the bikes woes, pretty much everything other than the frame & motor would cost more than just building a new one, even including an engine.

Primary cause of destruction? The salt & calcium chloride they put on the roads around here in the snowy season and my indifference - it was a $400 beater built specifically for that abuse
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