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Default Re: thanks for the fight against the DMV of colo.

Originally Posted by 69caero View Post
I learned about this blog in nov. 2013.I lost my license in oct. & needed a vehicle for longer distance so i checked the laws to see if it was legal to ride in in colorado i got a motor put on a gt/fs mt bike was riding my bike for a month & these people from another town. make a right turn in to me i went to the hospital in montrose colo. so the corrupt cops give me the ticket for passing on the right over taking vehicle i was not guilty of this the people in the truck just turned & hit me so i pleaded no contest couldn't afford lawyer .then a month later get notice in mail from colo. DMV that there revoking my license for an other yr. so i foud the bloger Mshugge talking about his fight with the colo. DMV in 2011 so I used his case # to also beat the colo. DMV the case officer ruled in my favor but said he didn't agree with the ( loop hole in the law & had to resend my revocation thank you bike berry, & Mshugge for the help & information for all to use my case # was 13-62073 salaz vs DMV
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