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Default Re: I think I got to have one.....

1-Why are the 49cc and the 80cc kits the same price?
Basically because they are the same engine, only a slight difference. I say cheese the system and get the biggest and start modifying. You have more grunt to start with. That is how a 69cc is better than a 49cc.

2-Are there kits larger than 80cc out there?
Not in kit form. There are larger engines out there, but there are limits to what a bike frame can hold.

3-Are they all 2-stroke or do they come in 4-stroke?
You can get 4 strokes, but IMHO the 4 stroke isn't anywhere as easy bolt on. They both have pluses and minuses. 4 stroke will just plain cost more.

4-What are some of the things to look out for when buying a kit?

Stay away from the no support sellers if you plan on working with the seller. If you want to do stuff yourself, balance price with getting the upgraded parts. You can learn what the better parts are by reading....from clutch lever and throttle to bearings vs. bushes, there are options.

5-How long will they last if used on a daily bases, say 10 miles a day?

You live in Idaho? Good luck in early January!! Maybe a couple years, maybe more. IF you do the right thing with the mods....

6-Anyone ever do a long trip, say 100 miles at one time, and how did it hold up?

This is where you kick in. No way would I expect a strap on to last just build per the terrible instructions more the 20 minutes of straight riding. You'll need to replace the studs, replace the head nuts (and studs), replace some gaskets, put a new fuel valve, new spark plug and wire, etc. Point being, do this stuff up front (fun and VERY easy) and then riding 200 miles+ and you'll have such a **** eatin' grin on your face people will think.....well let people think their own perverted thoughts.
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