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Originally Posted by LAguyyy View Post
So went to auto parts store and asked for a spark plug wire and boot. He asked what car that they had many? Can anybody help with which is a good upgrade wire for my 80 china girl with stock cdi? Plus side I upgraded the plug to a ngk b6hs and she seems to fire much more smoothly.
& by all means listen to Legwon

Before I ever found this web site a few years ago I had a CDI issue " or at least I though I did I was trying to get the wire off and every place I looked no one could or knew how to get the wire out \of the CDI So me being me I resort to brute strength as is the norm when I'm dealing with a stubborn issue I grabbed the CDI & swung it down 90 put my foot on the frame made a half wrap of the plug wire around my hand and started pulling like a M.F. nothing .

So I figured wow this thing is really in there it must have melted in there I'm thinking with that thought. I gave it everything I had and ripped the little screw out of the CDI & landed on my azz. looked at it and said HMM that looks like a screw!! got some wise grips and unthreaded with minimal effort Lesson learned. I think, after that & trying to repair the CDI is when I found this wonderful resource we call "" If I had only clicked the link below the first one

I could have avoided that learning curve. It must have been super glued because it was stronger than that ABS plastic . I have like 8 spare CDI's now I salvaged off of a boat motor

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