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Default Re: I think I got to have one.....

Originally Posted by katmol View Post
1-Why are the 49cc and the 80cc kits the same price?
In a lot of places, under 50cc can be used legally...the "80cc" has a little more power, but I hear the 50's run smoother.
2-Are there kits larger than 80cc out there?
No. At least not these chinese in-frame types. Some have adapted other engines.
3-Are they all 2-stroke or do they come in 4-stroke?
There are four strokes available.
4-What are some of the things to look out for when buying a kit?
Buy from one of the major dealers with good customer service...thatsdax, spookytooth cycles, livefast motors, are some good ones.
5-How long will they last if used on a daily bases, say 10 miles a day?
5000 miles is not unheard of.
6-Anyone ever do a long trip, say 100 miles at one time, and how did it hold up?
I have done one that long, a couple very close to that, and several of 50++ miles, no problem.
Thanks, Katmol
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