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Default Re: Gave up trying to go fast

I had a lot of fun with some 66s and a 34T commuting to work 12-13 miles each way down some long straight North Dakota roads with very few cars.
9 miles straight at 32-35, maybe a run to 40-42 on a fully bagged out cruiser. 13 miles in the windy light, 13 miles in the darkest of dark.
Always expecting something to blow or go, always listening for the tell-tale sound of something falling off the bike.

The problem is that I don't remember most of those rides aside from the stress.

3 chinagirls in 6K miles at 32+ or 1 Huasheng in 6K miles and counting at <30?

"Ride slo', Ride mo'!" is one of the 20MPH Club's mottoes for a reason. I remember a lot of nice cruises
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