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Default Hello from SoCal

Hello everyone from I'm Matt. Been perusing the forum for the past few weeks now soaking up as many ideas as I can and learning alot. Thankyou to everyone who contributes, it's helped me a ton. A few weeks my friend asked me for help cause im the gearhead in our group in bringing her whizzer bike back to life. When I saw it my first response was "yea, I'm so building one of those!" And here I am. Lol anyway I'm starting the build probably late next week and below is what I'm planning, parts and bike. If anyone sees any flaws in my plans of parts selection or has any advice I'd love to hear it.

Electra cruiser 7 sp cause it already has front and rear brakes and I'd like to make pedaling easier cause well at times I want to pedal.
Hf79cc-governor disabled
Agk parts
Jackshaft, throttle linkage, max torque clutch, Rear sprocket that bolts onto 6 bolt disc brake hub, grip Throttle.
Wide crank plus adapter from b-e
And a sram 406 disc brake hub and rim 14g spokes from amazon.
Engine mount, exhaust, and fuel tank ill fabricate myself. From what I read I feel this should be a good starting platform for decent performance and good reliability. Again, any input welcomed. Cheers, matt
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