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Adjusted the chain and gave her the first test run today. My 0830 hr. coffee run down the street. At first the motor was hard to start, but after a little adjustment on the carb. the motor cranked right up. Once I ran the bike about four miles, adjusted the chain tension again and the carb. The kill switch worked just like you guys said it wouldn't!. Will work that issue in the next few days. Smokes a little bit because of the rich break-in mix as expected. Got a lot of looks and questions about the set-up. Very pleased so far with the bike and engine. Have some tire/chain rub and need to design a spacer to give myself about an 1/8" more space between the chain and tire. Thanks guys/gals for all of the good info. Am thinking about building a trailer for grocery shopping next. I live in a historic district with many parks, libraries, restuarants, parks ect. with a 35mph speed limit downtown through out about a 8 square mile area. Heck, could go to the Jag football games.
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