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Default Re: Best motor to buy?

ok, sorry... let me re-direct my question!

I have roughly $150 to spend on an engine kit... what can I do?

Would it be better to try to make a "weedwacker" motor bike? Maybe cheaper? Good engines I suppose.

But ultimately I would like a kit! I would plan to use it for traveling about 8-10 miles to school and work. I know that the chinese motors aren't considered reliable... although I have read MANY reviews that are insanely awesome, and a few HORROR stories. And I know to avoid revolutioncycles, I have read TOO many stories and no matter I am driven away from such buisness practices!

So, $150 what can I do guys? Whats my best choice? Who provides good deals and is the least likely to rip me off?

I am looking at anything from 49cc to 80cc engines, and of course to avoid having to mix fuel I would prefer 4-stroke, but at the same time I don't mind 2-stroke what so ever.

I saw on thatdax (dot) com he was selling the 50cc $129 and the 80cc $139

with a price difference of $10 I am tempted to get the 80cc (but I've read that it's still only a 50cc, and just claimed to be a 80cc)

Also, in California (moving back there), if you have a motor assisted bicycle 49cc or under you do not need a motorcycle lisence or insurance on it, so I am wondering if I get the 80cc and get pulled over, if they could prove it to be 80cc's?

So $150 what should I do... help a new guy out?
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