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Default Re: Time to give up?

ocho ninja & VIKTR have really good points, a lil patience & granted, some luck and you'll find a bike far better than a $100 wallyworld special.

I got this '43 Rollfast for the same price as a Cranbrook;

...and last summer I got this '41 Elgin for a whopping $35 at a local flea market;

Good luck hunting, they're out there

edit: That 60's Huffy isn't bad, better than most new bikes for the money - I'd want to wheedle them down a bit given it's not that old or collectable (& I'm cheap) but on the other hand it seems really clean & in good shape... if it's that or a box store bike I'd go for it, they'd prolly talk down some in any case. The 60's are tricky as it seems that's when some bikes got a lil flimsier/cheaper in construction methods, but that's defo before Huffy turned to total cheese - I'd want to look at it close before throwing down me pennies, but I'm like that w/everything lol

...& it looks red to me

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