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Default Re: A new obsession?

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
I live in Oak Ridge Tennessee. Rim brakes stop me just fine and I weigh 250 lbs. My bike has hit down hill speeds of 45 mph.
hmm... while I'll agree rim brakes work "just fine" under normal/ideal conditions, I'd suggest that if you've a chance to go disc (or drum) w/o too much heartache, modification or expense - do it, you'll prolly never go back to rim brakes again.

Even the stock "generic" cable actuated disc brakes my Mongoose came with are a dream in comparison, no wear on the rims, the pads last seemingly forever, they work just as well no matter if they're dry, wet or even iced up, I rarely even need adjust them & if I do, it's 1/4 twist of a cable adjuster & that's it - don't need to periodically change the toe in, no massive amounts of cable slack due to pad wear, no "honking" or squalling, no "sticky" arms & dragging pads... oh, and they stop me really really well lol

While rim brakes are indeed "good enough" for many, here's an example of a "worst case scenario" - rim brakes on a high mileage winter/beater commuter, after more than 10,000 miles of outright abuse on that one bike (and yes, it's an aluminum frame & no, it never shattered) I came to the conclusion I'll never willingly buy a new bike with rim brakes again, they're just too demanding of my time and concern - it's drum or disc for me from here on out;

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