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I always carry tools, also. I will be taking it easy on the back roads that are bumpy, or full of potholes. Many of the back roads around here are fairly nice if you can find the ones that aren't used much, and the gated ones. That's another gray area, gated roads. I was kind of worried about that, but then I watched a video of dirt bikers that rode the GDMBR and were going on the gated roads. I figure I'll pedal into the gated back roads, then putt along at a nice quiet pace. Where I live, most of these motorized bikes aren't classified as a motor vehicle.
I plan to get a BOB trailer, and haul my own gas, food, tools, and gear on the longer trips. I'll probably get another kit just for spare parts, also. I've learned about breaking down the hard way, and I've gotten pretty good at fixing most of the problems. When doing an adventure like this the main thing is to be prepared. There are back roads around here that really go into the middle of nowhere, serious grizzly and moose country. I'm just waiting for the snow to melt off up there now.
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