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Default Hello from Germany


I Just bought a motorized bicycle two weeks ago off ebay, hopped excitedly up and down all week waiting for it to arrive, assembled it in three hours and then realised I had a mountain of German bureaucracy to get through before I could enjoy the little machine, so sadly pushed it into the corner of the room and sat there looking at it.

By shear luck though, and unusually so in my experience, the paperwork went without a hitch and I managed to get insurance documents, and registration within a few days. Rode it to work for the first time today, and I have to say I haven't had as much fun going to work as that for a long time.

I can feel that this is a hobby I could seriously get addicted to though. Some of the modifications Ive seen are fantastic, and really spark the imagination.

Just need to find a way of doing it without the wife getting too upset.
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