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I wonder if anyone knows of an in line filter for the argon/carbon dioxide high pressure gas mix from the bottle being use for MIG, so that there is an additional line of defense to the regulator and gauges beside the little screen at the inlet to the regulator.

I have heard of one for high pressure air a long time ago that was small and used for scuba tanks being filled for extra measure to prevent contaminant into the tank being filled.

I already have a fairly full ARCO2 bottle that I have been told by the supplier that it is good, but my cheap 80 dollar regulator went on the fritz and lucky I am getting a courtesy replacement. It is 1 a 1/2 years old and the warranty was supposed to be just 1 year.

I was thinking buying something to give extra measure of keeping this second regulator working.

I probably just had the regulator go bad and the tank is fine, but it happened right after I had exchanged the tank that was the only one I used for the last 1 an 1/2 years and had no problem.

The regulator pressure gauge for tank rises so slowly and when bleeding off pressure it drops slowly, both like 1/2 hr to go to fill current level and to zero.

Secondly the approximated kind of flow rate using needle gauge has the flow occasionally fluctuate back and forth between the 15 cfm at the 18 cfm. I know when I set it for 15 cfm with the nozzle trigger on, that it goes up to 18 cfm normally. This is OK, but if it fluctuates back and forth going to the 18 cfm when trigger is pulled, then it indicates that the flow of gas has actually stopped. That would be common sense I suppose.

Since it did not do that fluctuating continuously I did continued to weld that day OK, but I know that it probably will quit working altogether at the worst possible time.

What you think, aside from the good news I get another cheapie regulator and hope for the best. I also looked at the inlet screen on the regulator they don't even want shipped back. It looks OK, but the company says they do not have parts to sell for servicing this regulator and they do not work on them.

For S & G's if the replacement one works, then after a while I may go on a mission to disassemble the old regulator to see what made it stop ticking. Then I can weld it into some artistic piece as I would not attempt to fix it other than replacing the inlet screen.

There are no leaks on it and it does have an over pressure release valve which is intact, so I guess the day has come for throw away regulators.

The upside a replacement is on its way and that I can recycle the metal for making a lamp. The switch could be the large wing that swings around on the flow rate setting modified for artistic purpose.


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