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Default Re: Time to give up?

"[QUOTE=2door;468035]I'd really like to see how the front of the engine was mounted. You weren't using rubber in the mounts, were you?. That frame failure would be consistant with the front mount not being solid enough to keep the engine from vibrating. That is a stress failure caused by something being much too loose and allowed to vibrate against the frame.

My guess would be that the front mount fastener failure contributed to the damage I see to the seat tube. How long did you ride the bike with the broken mount?"

Looks to me just the opposite- just overtightened- damaged by the tightening itself and/or high revving then.

and this is why I'm a fan of the small back sprocket- the biugger gear it gives one keeps the motor from revving so much to get the same speed- less revs= less vibration, and less wear and tear on all the motor parts. With an alloy 34 and light skinny wheels- I can run 30 with little stress on the motor at all- at 35 it's buzzing along more than I want it too- and further mods that may make the motor crank even more are not worth it, if you want something that will last.

I ALWAYS put rubber in the mounts and have never had a problem with two builds in four years now.

I don't see how a lot of guys here claim thery are doing that or higher with a 44 or 41 China Girl kit sprocket and fat tires. If they are, I have my doubts that their motor will go very far without rebuilding.

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