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That was a long long time ago. I still have that old bike although its hanging from the garage ceiling and hasn't run for years. The engine was a Chris Hill engine and was broken in on standard 2 stroke oil and ran fine but it did not like Opti-2. We never came up with a conclusive answer as to why. It runs fine on, or did the last time the engine was started, on regular dino 2 stroke oil and I never tried Opti in it again.

Since that engine every other one I've had was broken in and run exclusively on Opti-2 at the recommended 100:1 ratio. Never had one that gave me any problems except that original Chris Hill engine.

Maybe someday when I'm bored I'll get that old bike down and see how it runs. It was never the powerhouse that later engines were but it had a lot of miles on it. It was my first build and I've kept it for the sentimental value. If/when I run it again I'll report if I experiment with running Opti in it.

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