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Default Re: Time to give up?

Originally Posted by VIKTR View Post
I bet you could be up and running again for under $5

I have four bicycle frames I don't want and will give away to anyone that asks for them.

If you scour craigslist you will find complete bicycles for free, or if you make a post asking for one, I bet someone would come up with what you're looking for. If not what you're looking for, at least something to be mobile again.

If I were you, I wouldn't give up... but wouldn't spend anymore either. Get mobile, and ride until you've got your moneys worth or the engine dies.
Whoops didn't see this, I'll try looking and maybe make a post
How-how much do you think it would be to ship one of those frames you got there?

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Putting a seat tube or piece of pipe inside your seat tube would
be stronger and cleaner.
Ohh I see what you mean, like remove the seat and shove something down there? I feel like that's a bit more complicated than it sounds (stuff always is) like when I try putting something in there, because the tube is already bent inwards I'd have trouble having something nice and night go into it.

And DAN, I will post em if I ever do get them done. I really just wish I can start over fresh with all my money... would get a kit and a simpler cruiser.... maybe I should do that now. $100 Walmart cruiser and $150 kit off ebay...
The best part about asking questions, is that you add to the pool of information that future builders can look back on through the search function
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