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Default Re: Time to give up?

Originally Posted by MysterySandwich View Post
So I've been working on this thing since last summer, pouring around $800 into this thing, being a highschooler... that's a lot.
These things are expensive per mile - particularly if you factor in labor. Believe me, you have my sympathies.

Originally Posted by MysterySandwich View Post
I've always had problems with this thing, having to replace part after part, and never had it working for more than a 2 weeks, something eventually goes wrong. I admit most of those things are my fault, but it's really frustrating to have to push this heavy bike a couple miles up hill whenever it breaks down.
Listen to Jeri.

Originally Posted by MysterySandwich View Post
This weekend I saw one of my front mount studs broken off, I can't easy-out the thing, it won't work. Then I saw my down tube has a big crack.
I'll probably be excommunicated for this, but if serious transportation is your object, a geared hub motor
requires much less maintenance than an internal combustion engine. Yes, that means an e-bike.
Originally Posted by MysterySandwich View Post
I think I'm done -- how much should I be able to sell this on craigslist? This really greasy engine, and cracked Nirve B1? ...
In cracked condition, it may be difficult to sell.
Find some suitable sleeving tubing, cut it down its length, place it around the broken section, clamp it with hose clamps, (if you don't have a welder) drill a few holes through sleeving and seat tube, bolt together with hard bolts.
Or maybe you can find one of these the right size:
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